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Algo Trading for Crypto Investors

Algorithmic Intelligence that smooths volatility
and grows your account consistently over time.

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Works with the most powerfull
for crypto trading

Fully automated profitable trading

Quercus is a crypto trading lab

we create and optimize automated trading strategies for the cryptocurrency space.

Our bots can grow your account consistently over time.

Safe & Secure

Instructions are sent to your Binance account via encryted API.

Always Ahead

We analyze and optimize trading results constantly.


Keep your money on your Binance account. We can’t touch or withdraw your funds.

Quit when you want

You can stop using our automations service any time you like without penalties.


Exploit volatility

Crypto volatility can be extreme. Smooth it and use it at your advantage with our automations.


Remove emotions

Our bots bring the best results because they stick to their strategy, don’t have to sleep and never complain about long working hours.


liquid pairs

Our trading bots operate on the spot market, without leverage and with the most liquid pairs.


Create diversity

Our bots helps you properly diversify you crypto investments. They suit different risk profiles and can prosper in any market condition.

Where we operate

Most traded coins

Our trading bots works on Binance. Instantly connect your account and let the bot do the work. All bots have real, detailed performance history.

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Our tools

Quercus interfaces Binance.com and 3commas.io to operate in a fully automated/non discretional way

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Connect your Binance Spot Wallet with API to 3Commas

Binance interface
3Commas interface
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Let our Bots do the work for you, just check profits on your portfolio

Our performance

Since its inception, bitcoin performance has been astonishing, averaging double digit growth every year. The mission of Quercus is to beat bitcoin performance over time.

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Our customers reviews

Alberto M

Il bot è molto sicuro, ha attutito bene la discesa che il mondo delle crypto ha subito nel mese di maggio 2021

Stefano C
Sales Manager

Sono molto soddisfatto, il bot sfrutta molto bene la volatilità tipica delle criptovalute

Edgardo S,

Si tratta di un software interessante che permette di investire nel mondo delle criptovalute sfruttando le oscillazioni a tuo vantaggio

Who we are

Federico Pastre

Federico Pastre


Crypto Trader & Influencer @ Crypto Salad

Fabiano Buongiovanni

Fabiano Buongiovanni


Crypto Investor & Digital Entrepreneur

Work with us!

We work with High Net Worth Individuals, Found, Founds of Founds and Family Office

How can you start

How to start using our bots

To start earning passive incomes from your crypto simply follow this steps:


Leave us your Email and Phone Number


You will be contacted back on Telegram or by Email


Easily connect to our bots on Binance


Automate your trading totally o partially


Generate a constant Bitcoin income flow

Start your journey with trading bots here




How much profit can I expect?

On average our bots gives a 4% monthly return. Results may vary depending on market conditions and the state of bitcoin market cycle.


How long does a position take to close in profit?

The average time close for a trade is 20 hours. Sometimes trades may take longer depending on the market conditions.


Do I have to intervene at any time?

No, there is no need for human intervention.


How much drawdown can I expect and for how long?

We have registered a 19% maximum drawdown for a 3 weeks period.


How long have you been testing these automations?

Our automations have been tested with real money since late November 2018.


Will we be in touch? Will you send out any report?

Yes, we send out performance reports and you can schedule a call with our team any time you want.